In use by nearly half a million users, the .LRN platform was orginally developed to support universities, and now we also use it with schools, businesses and non-profit organisations.
[Caroline Meeks, Solution Grove]

University of Valencia

About the University of Valencia

Students come to Spain's University of Valencia from all over the world. Based on the Mediterranean coast, Valencia offers competitive undergraduate, masters, and doctoral programs in a beautiful setting, rich in history. The university is well known for its medical school, which dates back to the late 15th century. Today, Valencia also attracts many international students with its language study and computer science programs.

Why the University of Valencia chose .LRN

Valencia was looking for a system to support the administration of traditional classroom learning. Valencia conducted an exhaustive survey of the available platforms, including Moodle, ATutor, WebCT and ILIAS. The full comparison documentation [PDF] is available online. At the top of their list of criteria was scalability, and the ability to develop new features themselves. Other important features were authentication via LDAP, and internationalization to support Spanish, English, and Catalan. After a successful a pilot project for selected students and professors, Valencia moved forward with widespread adoption.

What the University of Valencia is doing with .LRN

Valencia is using .LRN to support traditional classroom learning for nearly 40,000 students and 250 professors. .LRN manages the academic administration across the university, with applications supporting homework assignments, school events, and class notes. To augment the classroom experience, Valencia has also implemented .LRN's community features, such as bulletin boards, survey, groups, forums, bulk email, and integrated chat. Valencia has found that the .LRN features supporting affinity groups have helped the university meet goals to improve group learning and research.

Future plans for .LRN at the University of Valencia

In 2005, Valencia anticipates rolling out .LRN to its entire student population. According to Dario Ruig Garcia, ".LRN has been the key to allowing the new technology to enhance our traditional learning approach. And as our international student base increases, .LRN will allow us to support broader collaboration in support of learning."