.LRN provided a huge head start toward what we wanted, plus support for things we didn't originally anticipate.
[Jerry Mechling, Harvard University]

Click on a continent below for a list of organisations using or supporting .LRN. Organisations in (*) are also members of the .LRN Consortium. Map of the World North America South America Australia Asia Africa Europe


  • Greenpeace International [Link]
  • Pharmaceuticals International Network [Link]
  • Learning Activity Management System (LAMS)
  • Young Americas Business Trust

North America

  • Concord Consortium, USA
  • Galileo University*, Guatemala [view case study]
  • Costa Rica Institute of Technology (ITCR), Costa Rica [view case study]
  • Harvard, JFK School of Government, USA [view case study]
  • Partners HealthCare, USA
  • Massachusetts General Hospital*, USA
  • UCLA, David Geffen School of Medicine*, USA [view case study]
  • Univerdad de Ingenieria, Nicaragua [Link]
  • Center for 21st Century Skills, USA
  • Los Angeles Unified School District, USA
  • SolutionGrove*, USA
  • Furfly*, USA
  • OtterGroup, USA
  • Viaro Networks*, USA, UK, Latin America

South America

  • Ministério do Desenvolvimento Indústria e Comércio Exterior, Brazil
  • Universidad del Cauca, Colombia
  • Faculdade Latino-americana de Ciências Sociais (FLACSO), Brazil


  • Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration*, Austria
  • University of Bergen*, Norway [view case study]
  • University of Heidelberg, Germany [view case study]
  • University of Mannheim*, Germany [view case study]
  • University of Valencia*, Spain [view case study]
  • Spanish National University for Distance Education (UNED)*, Spain  [view case study]
  • Heidelberg Medical Faculty*, Germany
  • Semantic Internet Innovation, Italy
  • Cognovis*, Germany
  • Esode Sri, Italy


We are currently unaware of current users in Africa. If you are using .LRN in Africa, or know of an organisation that is, please let us know so we can add a link to the list.


  • DigitalOne, Hong Kong
  • Bir Zeit University, Palestine