.LRN is about people coming together to create quality educational tools that everyone can download, use, change, and share wihtout restriction
[Rafael Calvo, University of Sydney]

Please use, improve, and distribute .LRN in accordance with the GNU General Public License

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.LRN 2.5

The most current stable release is .LRN 2.5 and it is available for download as a tarball (installation instructions).

This version has made strong effort to improve accessibility, within the Zen project (view details). 

Please note that the production version requires considerable expertise (Unix/Linux sys admin) to install. If you are a novice or just wish to test drive .LRN, we recommend the alternative download listed below. (or see all previous releases).

You can get fresh information to install and use dotLRN from the wiki at OpenACS website, the framework that supports dotLRN.