.LRN's flexibility enables developers to quickly innovate on its core capabilities to build highly customized applications.
[Nick Carroll, Developer of .folio]

.LRN is built using the OpenACS (Open Architecture Community System), an advanced toolkit and framework for building scalable, community-oriented web applications. OpenACS's origins can be traced to MIT and the work of Philiip Greenspun, and one of the early pioneers of web technology.

If you are a developer or plan to be developer, we highly recommend that you work your way through the following online textbooks which are used at MIT' in Course 6.171 ("Software Engineering for Web Applications"), taught by Philip Greenspun and Hal Abelson.

One of the strengths of .LRN is the active developer community using OpenACS. To learn more about the community or to ask a question about .LRN, familiarize yourself with the OpenACS web site and visit any one of the following:

Remember, the community is there to help you so don't be afraid to ask questions.