.LRN is an entirely user-driven project and the consortium is our mechanism for self-governance, coordination, and ongoing development.
[Carlos Delgado Kloos, Carlos III University of Madrid]

.LRN (pronounced "dot learn") is a global community of educators, designers, and software developers who partner together to drive educational innovation. Because the software is open source, organizations can invest their precious dollars in people and curriculum development instead of expensive licensing and support fees.

.LRN is backed by the .LRN Consortium, a non-profit organization committed to advancing innovation in educational technology through open source principles. Consortium member institutions work together to support each other's deployments and to accelerate and expand the adoption and development of .LRN. The Consortium ensures software quality by certifying components as .LRN-compliant, coordinates software development plans, and maintains ties with OpenACS, the open source toolkit which forms the basis for .LRN.

Picture of a student working on her laptop

The .LRN Board of Directors, representing Consortium members, sets strategy and has ultimate oversight responsibilities for the project. The .LRN Leadership Team manages operations, works with the open source community of users and developers, and executes the goals of the Consortium as defined by the Board.